Someone pitching to investors

The Pitch Deck

Also referred to as a slide deck or simply ‘the deck’, the pitch deck can seem like an extremely intimidating document at first glance. First-time founders are told they have to have one to raise money and enter pitching competitions (and they do). But where to start? What to include? On the other side of the table, aspiring investors are told they need to ask for a pitch deck to begin to understand a company (and they usually do). But how to know what to expect when you’re new to this game?

The Pitch Deck is an entry-level course that demystifies the pitch deck and introduces you to the typical structure of a deck and some of its terminology. Covering all the elements included in a pitch deck, this course will give you a basic understanding of what a pitch deck is and why it is important to startups and investors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose of a pitch deck
  • Learn and understand the elements that make up a pitch deck
  • Learn some pitch deck terminology
  • Be able to do some basic calculations relating to performance metrics
  • Understand (on a basic level) a variety of revenue models

Course Content

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