Introduction to The Pitch Deck

Welcome to The Pitch Deck and thanks for enrolling in this Campus Capital online course. This course is open to all community members and you’re welcome to work through the topics at your own pace.

Whether you’re a founder creating your first pitch deck for a competition or for investment, or an aspiring investor looking for some insight into what to expect from founders pitching you, don’t be intimidated by the pitch deck! There’s a lot of hype about ‘perfect pitch decks’ and ‘nailing your pitch deck’ and ‘how I raised $1.2m with these 10 slides…’ etc. but a pitch deck at its core boils down to a 10-15 slide Powerpoint presentation. And you can handle that.

The purpose of a pitch deck for founders is to get across key information about their company with the assumption that the audience (whether investors or not) knows little to nothing about them and perhaps very little about their industry.

The purpose of a pitch deck for investors is to get an overview of a business in order to do an early assessment of whether the company is potentially investable and whether it and the founding team are a good fit for them.

There is a lot of debate about the perfect structure for a pitch deck and reasonable arguments for most cases. We’ve laid out the order that we think is most effective and flows the nicest. But it’s not set in stone and some startups will find a different structure will work best for them.