Problem Slide Example: REFLECT

Reflect uses a data-driven algorithm and experienced therapy team to match people with the right therapist for them. It’s sort of like for therapy. They use 3 slides to outline their problem.

First, they get straight to the point with a big first-person splash designed to grab attention. Approaching it this way is the ‘who has the problem’ element of the problem section. In this case… people with anxiety.

This slide combines the problem statement: “Too hard to get help”; with the impact of the problem… that people can’t find the right therapist evidenced by the fact that they quit after just one session.

And here is the scale of the impact of the problem in financial terms. A big number that the founders hope will get investors salivating.

This pitch deck is from 2018 when they were on the 500 Startups accelerator programme. Reflect is still trading but hasn’t raised any further investment yet.