Solution Slide Example: REFLECT

Since the Problem and Solution slides of a pitch deck are inextricably linked, we’ll stick with examples from the same companies for now. So you should remember Reflect from the previous section. As a reminder, the problem they introduced was that people struggle to find the right therapist for them and tend to drop out of therapy after just one session.

Here are their solution slides…

This slide specifically addresses the problem of ‘finding the right therapist’ with their data-driven matching and feedback solutions
This slide tackles the problem of therapy drop-outs

Notice that Reflect doesn’t go into details on user experience and technical features – this can be saved for the Product Demo/Walkthrough section. Instead, they focus on a top-level description of the solution – “in-person therapy driven by data” – their success, and the fact that their solution works and is making people’s lives better.

These slides are easy to understand, clearly answer the questions “what do you do?” and leave us all feeling relieved that there is a solution to the problem they’ve laid out.