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Shift: An online marketplace for buying and selling used cars

The Dream Team. Shift really shows off their human capital here. Not only do they put their team slide right at the front of the deck, but they include exactly the right amount of information:

  • Only the key, core team members are included
  • Their roles within the company are clearly defined
  • Any relevant entrepreneurial experience is included
  • Any experience at well-known tech companies is listed
  • Major accomplishments are listed and are impressive

It’s fair to say that most investors would be viewing this slide very positively indeed.

Crew: A platform to connect developers and creatives to clients… in a better way than the other freelance sites out there

Again, Crew include the right number of people on this slide – just the key, core members of the team. The information and credentials are a lot lighter than in the Shift deck, but they still manage to include some previous entrepreneurial experience, some track record of success, and some impressive accomplishments. A younger team than at Shift, Crew has decided to focus on their success so far in this startup rather than on their years of experience at other companies (which they probably don’t have).

Not even a B Team: Building widgets for men and women aged 0 and above

It’s not quite as easy to find public examples of really bad team slides, so here’s one we made earlier…

OK, so it may look pretty (really hard to design something that looks horrible in Canva), but there is literally no substance or real information here. In fact, this slide really raises more questions than it answers. What does ‘Facebook, Google’ even mean, Marshall? And what are their roles within the company? Is it relevant which university you went to? Did you work at Nokia or just own one in the 90s? Basically everything here is missing, but then they do look like they’d be fun to work with…