Demo/Prototype Examples

Tinder (or Match box as it was called in the beginning)

Tinder as a concept and a piece of technology is very simple so they get away with just a few screenshots of their mobile app. In just 3 slides they give an idea of the user journey, what the user interface and design is like, and how simple the application is to use.


Front is a shared email client for organisations, which means it has features built-in to help teams collaborate on emails through tasks and messaging. It’s a much more complicated product with many more features than Tinder. They’ve also gone with a screenshot approach. It gives the investor a good idea of what the product looks and feels like, but the information is a little bit overwhelming at times. A video walkthrough would have been much more effective at showcasing the user experience and user journey, and simplifying what comes across at times as quite complicated.

But if it’s good enough for the Lebowskis…

It’s important to note, however, that this wasn’t an early stage pitch for Front. This was a pitch for a Series B round, so investors will have been looking less at the product demo and how it works than they would be at how capital from previous investment rounds has been spent and the company’s traction.