Vision vs Mission

What’s the difference? Is there any difference? In theory, yes there is. A vision tends to be a long-term ( 5-10 years in the future) view, a guiding star for the company so it always knows where it’s going. The mission is more about what the company is doing now in order to achieve this vision. How is it getting to where it wants to be?

VISION: FUTURE. INSPIRING. WHY? We believe that founders and investors should understand each other and work together to achieve the same goals. MISSION: PRESENT. STRATEGIC. HOW? To educate aspiring investors and first-time founders about venture capital through experiential learning, funding and mentoring.

In practice, however, the terms ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ are often used interchangeably so don’t be surprised if you see a mission statement that seems to be technically more of a vision and vice versa. And don’t get too hung up on the difference either. As long as founders are able to articulate where they are now, where they want to get to and how they plan to get from the present to the future, that should be just fine for most investors.


  • Vision is for the future, Mission is for the present
  • Terms are often used interchangeably