Metrics Slide Examples


Remember Flowtab, that app that allowed a drink at the bar without standing in line? Here’s their traction slide… It would have been interesting to know the Lifetime Value of Customer (bars) since the acquisition cost is so high, but it’s possible that it was too early on in the company to calculate this, i.e. not enough (if any) had churned yet.


Castle may be excited by their early traction, but this slide doesn’t really give us any idea of what this means in monetary terms. It’s not explained in any of the other slides either. So, maybe this was their main metric and they didn’t think the others were important enough to include… or maybe they had the information readily to hand? Still, knowing the cost to acquire each unit would have been nice.

Our early traction has been exciting.
January 1
soft launch in metro
Detroit; 4 units
February 1
20 units
49 units


Buffer is a social media tool that queues up posts to social media accounts and releases them one by one over time. It stops people cluster posting at the same 5 minutes each day and being silent the rest of the time. Buffer has decided to display its recurring revenue annually rather than monthly (Annual Revenue Run Rate vs MRR). Try not to be thrown off by things like this. Every company will decide to display things in the way they think makes best sense to them. The question can always be asked: “So what’s your MRR?”

Milestones- Launched web appJanuary 2011- 55,000 users ($150K revenue)October 2011- Launch the APIOctober 2011- Integrated...