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Whether you like it or not, business and investment is “jam packed” with acronyms, buzzwords and strange terminology. In this course we will cover some of the most used words in the world of high growth startups and venture capital.

What you will get out of this course:

  • An understanding of the main business, science, technology and investment terminology,
  • A certificate to show off to all your friends that you know the difference between CPM, CAC, CTA,
  • The biggest ROI your millennial/GenX/Z eyeballs have ever had the chance of acquiring*

Our advice for completing the course is as follows:

Completely new to venture capital and entrepreneurship? Switch between reading through the topics and playing some Buzzword Bingo. This is some brain-hammering stuff for sure. You’re not going to want to sit and read the whole thing in one go.

Been around the block a couple of times? Jump straight into Buzzword Bingo, see where your weak spots are and jump into the relevant topics to swot up.

Expert already? Well, let’s see about that. Meet you in the Buzzword Bingo ring…

*Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Warning: Buzzwords are like a contagious disease, please use your new knowledge sparingly! Nobody likes the person who just strings acronyms together instead of actual sentences.

In this course we have done our best to bring together all the important terms that you will come across on a day to day basis as a founder or investor.

But if you are looking for more depth on certain terms, please check out our dedicated courses on each topic or use the below resources.

** Warning: The below resources are likely to contain American terminology which aren't universally used **

Financial (+ some Business) Terms -

Business Terms -

Technology Terms -

Scientific Terms -