No Scenarios. No roleplay. Real capital. Real startups. Real decisions.

Campus Capital was the first ever venture capital (VC) fund in the UK to be part-run by students on an experiential learning programme. It backs early-stage, high-growth startups that have the potential to become industry-leading companies.

As a Student on our programme, you will gain first hand experience of the whole investment process, including the pre- and post-investment stages, allowing you gain real transferable experience while building a real-world “investment portfolio” which you are able to reference throughout your future career.


This programme is perfect for students who are


For students with investment ambitions, Venture Capital can seem like an inaccessible career. Associate positions for recent graduates are rare, making it difficult to gain real work experience in the field.


For students intent on startup life, insight into the minds of VC investors is like the Holy Grail. It’s something that literally can’t be experienced until you start the fundraising experience in your own startup. And then you learn the hard way.


For student hackers and gadget-lovers, getting to know the ins and outs of features and design is awesome. But what makes a product commercially viable? How do you get to grips with growth, scale, and what makes a product investable?

Campus Capital is different from other opportunities I have had at university.

The ability to make decisions that are real and have real impacts on the decision processes will provide an invaluable experience that will put all the students who participate in Campus Capital ahead of the competition


Final year Economics and Finance student

I mentioned Campus Capital, the work I would be doing and how this would help me at Coutts.

This September I begin my highly competitive graduate programme at Coutts in Global Markets, Wealth and Investment Management. The graduate programme had thousands of applications for just three places and being part of Campus Capital will have been vital in securing this role.


Final year, Finance

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity Campus Capital gave me!

I never would have thought to pursue venture capital (and entrepreneurship) to this extent. This was a great first step for me and the other team members and has definitely shaped all our career choices a lot.


1st-2nd year, Engineering

Want to be a Student VC?

We select our diverse Student VC teams from our active community of students at our partner universities. If you would like to be part of our Student VC programme, please just follow these steps;


We only select candidates for our Student VC programme from our active community, so register for an account today, complete your profile and start getting noticed in our community groups.


We have a whole host of insights and e-learning courses on this academy which will not only enable you to have an edge over other students, but will get yourself noticed by our academy team.


Campus Capital is only a small team and as such we can only justify launching Student VC teams in universities where there is massive demand. Because of this if you tell all your uni mates about us, we're more likely to be in your university sooner!