Open Office Hours – a tried and tested way for founders and investors to meet for an informal coffee and a chat, no strings attached. Usually lasting around 20 minutes, open office hours give founders the opportunity to ask VCs for specific advice on their business, information on the fund the investor works for, or fundraising in general. Really, anything goes.

In 2020, we’re taking the concept of Open Office Hours  and making them truly open… to anyone who wants to listen and learn from the insightful questions ambitious founders have for VCs and the honest responses from investors.

We’re taking applications from founders of high growth potential startups. We’ll match you with Campus Capital partners and the most relevant investor from our vast international network for a one-to-one session to talk about whatever you want.

We’ll record your conversation and edit it to create video and podcast episodes, which will be available for download and streaming by the general public, and actively promoted within entrepreneurial and investor networks.

Worried about how you’ll come across on video/podcast?

Don’t be. We are on your side, 100%. It’s our mission to spread knowledge and education about high growth business and venture capital, and to showcase great UK businesses. There’ll be no sneaky editing and you’ll have the opportunity to tell us before you leave if you want any sensitive business information leaving out. We want our audience to learn from your conversation, and we certainly don’t want to make anyone look silly.


Personalised Advice

Your session will be all about you. Use it to get advice on a specific problem with no interruptions from anyone else.

Free Publicity

Every episode will be recorded, edited and actively promoted within entrepreneurial and investor networks.

Investor Connections

Meet the CC partners and get matched based on your company from our international network of investors.

Fill in the following application for you and your startup to be considered for Truly Open Office Hours. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis but scheduling will begin in February 2020, so be sure to get in early!

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